Fentanyl Floyd - Worthless Thug

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Fentanyl Floyd - Worthless Thug

Postby ergot » Fri Oct 21, 2022 7:01 pm

The media is LYING to you about George Floyd
Derek Chauvin should be exonerated. Maybe he even deserves monetary compensation for what he has been through. Fentanyl Floyd was a worthless thug. He died as a result of a drug overdose. Simple as that.
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Re: Fentanyl Floyd - Worthless Thug

Postby dzrtdwg » Sat Oct 22, 2022 5:38 am

Although the autopsy listed Floyd's death as a homicide, it also clearly states the levels of fentanyl and meth in his body. Those levels were sufficient to kill a person. I think the people who ruled the death a homicide were fulfilling the will of politicians. If they were acting independently without any information other than the dead body to examine, the death would have been ruled an overdose. So there's the politically correct version of what killed the thug and then there's the reality and the reality is that the thug died as a result of an overdose.
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Re: Fentanyl Floyd - Worthless Thug

Postby MAGA » Sat Oct 22, 2022 5:59 am

Fentanyl Floyd's family wants more money
Here's what should be done:
1) Issue autopsy report listing correct cause of death: Drug Overdose
2) Any money collected by the family as the result of bogus legal judgements should be returned.
3) Exonerate, compensate, and release Derek Chauvin.
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Re: Fentanyl Floyd - Worthless Thug

Postby mrfish » Sun Oct 23, 2022 5:36 am

George Floyd’s Family Intends to Sue Kanye West
Jury decisions are not always factually correct decisions. Often they are politically influenced, like this one!
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Re: Fentanyl Floyd - Worthless Thug

Postby dilbert » Mon Oct 24, 2022 6:24 am

This much is true:
1) Floyd had enough drugs in his system to kill him.
2) A second video taken from an angle different than the video most often presented to the public shows that Chauvin's knee was on Floyd's back, not his neck.
3) Jurors were fearful of what might happen if they returned a fair and honest verdict.
4) Chauvin weighed 140 pounds and Floyd weighed 223 pounds at the time of the incident.
5) Floyd's behavior was aggressive and erratic. He was forcefully resisting arrest.
Although it is reasonable to conclude that Chauvin's behavior was unprofessional and that he deserved to lose his job, it seems obvious that he was not criminally negligent. However, I would say that Chauvin should be completely exonerated and he deserves compensation for what he has been through. The family of Floyd should be forced to return any money which has been paid to them as the result of any lawsuit. The news media should also be investigated for the way they handled the incident and the trial. The same goes for certain politicians who interfered with the legal process.
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Re: Fentanyl Floyd - Worthless Thug

Postby sandman » Sat Nov 12, 2022 6:18 am

BLM Can “Say Their Names” Because the Names Are So Few
Cops tend to employ drastic measures only as a last resort.
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Re: Fentanyl Floyd - Worthless Thug

Postby desertrat » Tue Jan 24, 2023 5:52 am

Teen Who Stole Car & Ran Down Mom With a Baby Gets Shot to Death!
Karma? I don't know, but serious crimes should be treated as serious crimes. Worthless thugs should be treated as worthless thugs.
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