Indian Joe Canyon

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Re: Indian Joe Canyon

Postby torn80 » Wed May 20, 2020 11:28 am

mrfish wrote:
deathvalleyjake wrote:tronagirl: There was a pot farm bust in Death Valley last summer and so I'm thinking that someone's getting their stories mixed up. I visited both the lower and upper garden last November and everything was as normal except the walnut trees look like they are dead. It's a great hike and I recommend it to everyone.

This brings up a couple pertinent questions:
1) How often does the BLM visit local springs? Do they monitor the area using helicopters or do they go in on foot? I know that Indian Joe's is not BLM land, but almost everything around it (including the springs in upper Great Falls Basin) is.
2) The BLM has cut off access to a lot of back country roads which were open for decades. Is part of the reason for this to make it harder to access back country springs and to set up pot farms, etc.? Along those same lines, sometimes drug labs are set up in old abandoned mines and so the same logic applies there.

It's hard to say how active the BLM is in patrolling area springs and mines and other locations that are likely to attract visitors. They probably have surveillance cameras set up in various locations, but I get the impression that they are spread pretty thin. That's a good thing in some ways and a bad thing in other ways and whether it's a good or bad thing depends a lot on the personality of individual rangers. Some rangers are jerks and others display good judgement.
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