TJUSD Board Meeting - March 18, 2021

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Re: TJUSD Board Meeting - March 18, 2021

Postby panamint_patty » Sat Apr 03, 2021 6:13 am

twister wrote:wildrose: No matter what you do there are going to be some people who like it and some who don't. That's just human nature. There are some claims I've heard that certain students are depressed or even suicidal BECAUSE OF online learning. I call bullshit on that. Those same students will create drama no matter what. It's just their nature. They get attention by complaining or being pathetic. It's time for those one trick ponies to learn some new tricks which aren't self-destructive and ridiculously lame!

There are all sorts of ridiculous claims being made by all sorts of ridiculous people. The majority of people are fine with online learning and many even prefer it. In the future I'd expect to see more people choosing to learn online, especially as the programs improve. Special needs students and other students with limited intelligence will probably always need in person services, but normal and above students will probably be taught online more and more in the future.
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Re: TJUSD Board Meeting - March 18, 2021

Postby pcslim » Wed Apr 07, 2021 6:16 am

panamint_patty: You're absolutely right. There will always be a place for in person learning, but it will steadily diminish over time. There are many ways that online learning is superior to anything that can be done in person, but the converse is also true to a limited extent and that extent will become more and more limited as time goes on.
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