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Postby trumpster » Sun Jan 17, 2021 7:29 am

This is nothing short of remarkable. I've been reading Trona News for a couple years now and only recently decided to join, but this is one of the craziest stories I've seen on this message board and that's saying a lot!
torn80 wrote:
tronagirl wrote:
torn80 wrote: wrote:The entire meeting lasted about twenty minutes. All five board members were present. Four were wearing masks and one was not wearing a mask. The superintendent wore a mask. (No one else appeared on camera.)

I watched a few minutes of the video carefully to make sure the dipshit wasn't wearing one of those masks that might blend in with his face. I wanted to be fair and not jump to conclusions only to be wrong. The video quality wasn't the best, but there's no denying that the moron wasn't wearing a mask and you can see the other board members on either side of him moved as far away from him as they could. What kind of irresponsible imbecile shows up at a board meeting without a mask and how did such an arrogant fool wind up on a public school board? How is it that the other board members did not vote to censor him? That makes the whole bunch of them look like complete idiots!

That guy is one hell of a piece of work! Some friends and I got together this evening and we had a long discussion. Part of the time we talked about this guy and his family and their issues and there are a lot of them. Quite awhile back I heard about a big meeting at the school. It was supposed to be a meeting of just union members, but there were eavesdroppers and so a lot of people heard about what went on at the meeting. Apparently the board member who wasn't wearing a mask has a daughter who many people say is a bit of a wack job to put it bluntly and many say that the older son isn't much better. According to the stories I've heard (and they seem quite credible, but technically are just rumors) the daughter falsely accused a teacher of improper touching, there were also issues with accusing teachers of making mistakes on grading and treating the son and daughter unfairly, and on top of that the son was allegedly caught with drugs at school and assaulted a school employee in order to prevent the evidence from being confiscated. Somehow that incident got turned around and there was supposed to be a lawsuit against the school employee for assaulting the son even though the son was a big strong football player and the school employee was a middle-aged woman. So, obviously not wearing a mask is a pretty trivial issue compared to the other issues that this prominent member of the community has and for more on that you might check out some of the recent comments made in the NEIGHBORS thread which might help explain why many people say that the daughter is a wack job. Of course, this is all just speculation, but 2+2=4 as they say and so I'll leave that one alone....

But getting back to the eavesdroppers. The school has an intercom system as does most schools and certain people apparently have a nasty little habit of invading the privacy of other employees in order to capture little tidbits of information they can gossip about. As it turns out the board member we are discussing has a brother who works at the school and he has a group of shall we say "flying monkeys" who are his close confidants. Apparently they shared what they heard with him and since then endless retaliation has been the outcome. It's been a lot of little things, but a lot of friction has developed at the school as a result.

If you're unfamiliar with the term "flying monkeys" you should check out this link:

tronagirl: Flying Monkeys? That's a really great way of illustrating the concept! According to the WikiPedia page: "A flying monkey can be anyone who believes the narcissist's fake persona, including the narcissist's spouse, child, friend, sibling, neighbor or cousin." Also it goes on to say: "Despite this (all the assistance they provide to the narcissist), the narcissist does not hesitate to make flying monkeys his or her scapegoats when and if needed." As I understand it this particular person being discussed would qualify as a narcissist for a number of reasons, but many people say that he is self-aggrandizing and that he considers himself to be a legend in his own mind. Apparently he has won a few minor prizes by participating in rodeo events. Not a lot of competition there and so his accomplishments are easily over-rated. As others have stated, this is all speculative. There's clearly an issue and obvious dysfunctionality, but there are a lot of unknowns and so nothing can be stated definitively.
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