Right to be Forgotten?

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Right to be Forgotten?

Postby a2z » Thu May 14, 2015 7:31 pm

Telegraph stories affected by EU 'right to be forgotten'
This is probably a case of a law made with good intentions that will wind up being misused and which will probably result in the censoring of information that people should legitimately have access to. Good intentions often lead to bad consequences.
Users searching for the related topic on google.co.uk will see a message that says: “Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe” at the bottom of the page. However, those visiting the American site google.com will be unaffected, even if they reside in the UK.

LINK: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/11036257/Telegraph-stories-affected-by-EU-right-to-be-forgotten.html
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Re: Right to be Forgotten?

Postby wildrose » Fri May 15, 2015 7:46 am

Like a2z says, the intentions behind these laws are probably quite good, but there are bound to be unintended consequences. My thought is that corporations will use these laws to keep the public from learning about things they have done which they wish to keep secret. There may be other ways that these laws will be misused, but the one thing we can count on is that there will be unintended consequences.
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