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Re: China

Postby mrfish » Sat Nov 21, 2020 6:22 am

REPORT: Biden's allegiance to Beijing
There's a reason he's called Beijing Biden! :wtf:
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Re: China

Postby torn80 » Tue Dec 15, 2020 6:16 am

It appears that China may have hacked the 2020 election. The claims regarding Russia and the 2016 seem to be purely delusional, but the evidence for fraud in the 2020 election seems pretty credible to me. Most of the evidence points towards a strong connection to China with possible collusion between the democrats and China.
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Re: China

Postby MojaveMike » Fri Dec 18, 2020 7:31 am

The Truth is Coming Out
The media made a mountain out of molehill with the so-called Russian hacker/collusion stuff from 2016, but now they want to pretend a mountain is a molehill as it pertains to Hunter Biden, Ukraine, and China.
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Re: China

Postby trumpster » Fri Feb 19, 2021 9:22 am

Why more than a million Uighurs are being held in camps in China
This is not genocide as some insist. People are not being allowed to reproduce and that's a different issue. It may be a human rights violation or maybe not, but it's not genocide unless actually people are being killed. As for the re-education camps, that could also be a human rights violation and if people are being put to death in those camps that might bring up the question of genocide, but at this point it appears that claims of genocide are unfounded.
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Re: China

Postby twister » Sun Feb 21, 2021 9:21 am

trumpster: Doesn't China have a zero population growth policy? If the Uighurs were having lots of kids and China simply restricted the number of kids they could have then that's not genocide, it's just a nationwide policy that doesn't just affect the Uighurs. I don't like the re-education camp stuff, but that's a different issue which also affects anyone who doesn't conform to policies in China. The scary thing is that the USA is becoming more like China and Biden seems to be speeding up the process.
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Re: China

Postby sandman » Sun Mar 21, 2021 7:02 am

Tucker investigates why Biden took swing at Russia but not China
Biden's mindless statement about Putin was nothing more than an attempt at diverting public attention away from the real problem....
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